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Locksmith | A Coastal Lock-n-Key, LLC : OR, Astoria

Are you in need of a technician’s service? You can depend on the skills and dedication of the technicians at Coastal Lock-’n-Key. Our technicians have worked in all areas of the field, from cutting keys at the store counter to vehicle service to commercial building service. We have specialists in every area, from vehicle key recovery to master key replacements. Our technicians are consultants in the field too, so feel free to ask them any question. Consider having highly skilled specialists in the lock and key business at your shoulder, able to answer any question you may have. When you need a technician’s service, do not hesitate to call us.

It is no secret that the name of the game in lock security is deterrence. Every level of security thwarts another criminal. An ordinary lock will deter most casual criminals who see something valuable to steal in a car or home. It’s a matter of making theft and break-ins hard to commit. The criminal will pass on visibly secured cars, garages, houses and buildings because easier targets will occur down the road. In truth, breaking glass or kicking in doors creates noise, and most criminals pass on the idea. To make a door or window secure enough to cause this level of frustration is worth the expense. This only underscores the importance of a sound lock protecting your car, home or business.

Our lock and key services include the following:

1. Key cutting
2. Lock out service
3. Door closer Installation
4. Push-button locks
5. Lockouts

Don’t succumb to the frustration and the anxiety that comes with a typical lockout. Call Coastal Lock-’n-Key for prompt, expert service. It will save you time and anxiety dealing with an absurd situation.

By combining lock systems and alarm systems, Coastal Lock-’n-Key can greatly enhance your security.