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About A Coastal Lock-N-Key, LLC

About Us | A Coastal Lock-n-Key, LLC : OR, Astoria
There are tremendous benefits from visiting Coastal Lock-’n-Key in Astoria, Oregon.

Happy Customers

Our customers represent the whole spectrum of people who need our expert service. They want a quick, reliable service regardless of the problem. We provide mobile technician services, lock replacements and key duplications all year round with emergency service available. Locks play an important part in people’s lives, a part that is largely taken for granted until disaster strikes and a key is lost or an otherwise accessible building is locked tight.

Affordable Solution

One of the best parts of the business is showing customers our affordable service. It would be easy to take advantage of people in emergencies, but Coastal Lock-’n'-Key maintains a consistent, affordable price for our customers regardless of the services rendered.

Mobile Locksmith

Call our service representative in an emergency. We have round the clock emergency services for those trying times when people are locked out of their car, home, garage or business. Regardless of what the emergency, you will get top-notch service from one of our mobile professional lock technicians.